0ffice Of The Principal Jamia Siraj-Ul-Uloom

All the students of JAMIA SIRAJ-UL-ULOOM are informed that their T1 examination will be on 25 of this month.



About Jamia

In the name of Allah the most & most merciful

Diverse scientific inventions, discoveries and knowledge advancement has changed human life altogether.Mechanical revolution has made life luxurious.Dazzling material progress unless balanced, enriched and refined by intellectual,moral and spiritual progress cannot bestow humanity with mental peace and tranquility. The defective education and training systems based on material progress has made man�s body conscious and cannibal, thus leaving him morally bankrupt.All these activities are bread and butter centered.Greed and lust has ruined his faculties to judge good and evil. Vain thoughts have disturbed his peace of mind. Grand universal moral values are gradually vanishing.Every reformative step of civilized world has led to annihilation of human race. The time does not seem far off when the present day gala appearances of plastics and perfumes, the resounding music and merriments will cease and result in world catastrophe. If the human race has to formulate such an educational system and training pattern which has sound footing on purely Islamic lines,knowledge which is divided into modern and ancient water tight compartments, is to be pioneered and guided by the holy Quran and theSunnah,it is only then that the thirsty mankind could quench its thirst in the pristine form. Readmore


The Jamia is having good accommodation facilities. It has 2 large buildings accommodating more than 300 students. After the schooling, the students are looked after very carefully by the teaching staff and wardens and are engaged in other curricular and co-curricular activities and trainings.

The Jamia has already taken an initiative to construct a well-equipped hostel block outside the school campuswhich is under construction.